Position your ideal business brand.02

Phase 2


This process of collecting and analysing information getting a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the goals, scope, and limitations. Do research on other brands and reflect back to your brand. Break down your vision to key descriptive words, through word association techniques and strategic questioning.

User profiles

This helps understand the end users, their needs, and requirements. Creating a whole personality and life story gives you a better understanding. Sorta like dating understand your user from all aspects in life, their habits, goals, loves ones, their values and believes. Once you create your user profile you know the person inside out so well that you better understand how you can cater to their needs in what platform. User profiles or user personas, will help you target your key customers, and it will allow you to focus your efforts of design, marketing and business position keeping them in mind.


At this stage you organize all the requirements in terms what they require in the end which could be websites, name cards, social media post etc. and rate them from 1-5 in order of importance to deadline. This could be a checklist of sorts.


The fun bit Stylescapes are an important part that helps you define the design direction, which in turn will reduce any miscommunication and expenses. Stylescapes are visual language which includes fonts, colours, images, typography and design elements for the brand. Stylescapes are an essential part of the design process. It helps get a better feel of the project as well! Making sure that you get the design right on paper, will save you a lot of time iterating and will aid in sticking to a lean budget.

By referring to the notes and key words extracted from the ‘Discovery Phase’ and keeping the user profile as a guiding force, you will be able to explore various design directions, by strategically coupling 3 key words that should be used to each direction. We suggest an initial direction of 3; which then can be fused to 1 strong direction on reflection. Sometimes more than one direction may be decided depending on the complexity.

Plan / execution

At this stage, you get to work!! With your plan strategy, user profile, checklist and stylescapes in place, now it’s a matter of focusing and getting things done.

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