Position your ideal business brand.01

Phase 1


Have an honest conversation with your partner and yourself. Is your business going in the right direction of your set goal? Where do you see your business going? What problems are you encountering? Is there an aspect that you are lacking in?

Blow it up

This is the fun part break down every aspect of your business that you have establish thus far, from your sales numbers, products and services, social platforms brand aesthetics. This is where your sticky notes and mind mapping techniques will come in handy. Break down every aspect from creativity, production, planning, collaborations, and benefits. Make a pro and con list.


This will involve a whole lot of staring at the sticky notes that you put up in step 2 of your business breakdown. At this step sincerely calculate and note down which aspects of your business you are truly lacking. We understand this process can be pretty tough sometimes getting an outside perspective helps but being brutally honest is the key. Get mama’s opinion, who ales is as loving and brutally honest?

Trim the fat

Make notes on parts of your business that you feel deviates from your goal, take steps to dismantle those segments, and continue to phase 2. This may mean making tough choices but keep emotion and attachments aside and get practical with aligning your business brand direction. List down the steps you need to take to get to that goal.

You are en-route to unfolding a new goal insight.

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