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The Daily Grind


  • Short commute to work ( Although you lose the stuck in a jam excuses)
  • Best coffee around all the time!
  • Maintaining appearances only for zoom meetings ( Tie and Boxes )
  • Find yourself working from 2 Am on a Friday and 9 Am on a Sunday

Working hard and smart from home can be difficult . You may even feel a tad bit like a robot as your work timing can sometimes be blended in with your daily life . As a creative its important to take breaks to unwind it keeps the ideas flowing and energy levels high. When we use to work in an office setting its easy taking a coffee break brainstorming ideas or while walking over to Starbucks the creative juices going on overdrive getting inspiration from the outside world. Now that we are all WFH getting the creative juices flowing might be difficult for you. Here are a few suggesting that might help.

  • An easy quick fix is caffeine
  • Music
  • Playing with your pet
  • Tea who we kidding COFFEE PLEASE
  • Trimming your plants
  • Communicate with other creatives
  • Dream and doodle
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • And again I cant stress enough CAFFEINE our best friend.
  • Netflix & Chill

Also big tip :

A great working space also affects your ability to stay creative, organized and focus.The way your space is laid out , your project tracking , time tracking will help you gain some stability. Having the rite chair and desk not only helps you avoid all the aches and pains but also helps you maintain your concentration. Try Stand Working!

Stay Safe and Enjoy this time working at home.

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