Well Link Supplies Website Design and Development
Project SummaryWell Link Supplies is a passionate distributor for advanced building materials and renovation finish with eco-friendly products for Malaysian market, skillfully tailored to clients’ needs in curating personalised modern living spaces. We were to conceptualise, design and develop a website for them that would showcase the various textures and designs that Wellness link supply is providing to their clients.
Stylescapes Stylescapes Before any deliverable we like to explore the brand direction. So that whatever we built is set on a strong foundation. We had to capture the values of a family business, while ensuring a quality product. This was broken down into 3 different direction based on the discovery phase. Then it was narrowed and tailored to better fit our client's needs. The aim for this website is to provide users a clear understanding of what Well Link Supplies is about and showcasing its beautiful materials and projects. This website embodies their brand with its zestful designs and 360 views of the space that will get you excited about personalising your own space.
Website Design and Development
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