Vitamin Factory Branding
Concept:We were to conceptualize, design and develop the brand of the company from the brand identity, logo to the website as well as store layout (3D Render of outlets) The Vitamin Factory logo portrays a freshness aesthetic through its playful typeface logo. The letter "V" that is emphasised is a visual stand-in for orange juices; it portrays a fun element which sways to the younger crowed as they are the primary consumer. The "V"icon which is a smeared pays compliment to the typeface selection which is angular faced and clean.
Our Design concept for this brand revolved around the feeling of having a fresh glass of chilled orange juice. It is vibrant, young, energetic and attentive.
We ensured that the young energetic fun design of Vitamin Factory carries forth throughout their entire brand. Keeping Consistency in the Design elements chosen; this strategy was key to executing a successful over all brand, of fun fresh and cool; which is what Vitamin Factory is all about.
The aim for this website is to provide uses a clear understanding of what Vitamin Factory is about. This website is energetic and fun, with its dynamic illustrations rite out of the menu board and its juicy freshness. We retained the main theme of the brand to create brand recall in the market. Uses have a clear understanding about the brand and its services thru its elaborate illustrations about its products
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