Shearwater Logo Design
Shearwater:Shearwater is a shipping and logistics company based in Selangor. The brief was to conceptualize, design and develop the brand of the company from the logo to the website.
Creating a logo that best represents the company with comprehensible design and colour scheme with these elements we expended its design and carried it thru the prints and web development phases of the branding.
Vector Icons
  • Air Freight
  • Aviation
  • Clear & Forwarding
  • Ramp Handlling
  • Sea Freight
  • Stevdoring
  • Transport
  • Shipping
  • Website:Shearwater website has been designed and programmed to be fully responsive across all devices and browsers, with its brand colours enforced more prominently so that the brand identity is immediately portrayed to the user as soon as they enter the site. The navigation is simple and user friendly. The site was design with a minimalistic approach to its design astatic.
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