Mound Diablo Distillery Branding
Project Summary Mount Diablo Distillery is located in Antioch California;In this project they wanted  the basic foundation of the brand developed and designed; with deliverables as follows:

- Logo design and development
- Label design for the bottles along with 3d renders
- Packaging
- Website design and development
Product Images
Label Design - Cali Gold Vodka The client wanted a label/brand that was fun and represented the california spirit, where by it would have a vibrant in your face persona.
3D Renders - Cali Gold Vodka The 3d renders were designed and developed to help visualize the final product and also aided in providing accurated feedback.
Label Design - Cali Cut Bourbon Whiskey The Cali Cut Whiskey label, was executed with more darker undertones, and was the first label that we created 'Professor Cal Whizzly'the distillery mascot
3D Renders - Cali Cut Bourbon Whiskey
Label Design - Cali Gin The Cali Gin label had a more quirky finish to it, whereby the design reflected a sense of clarity and originality, we also designed 'Professor cal whizzly' the brand mascot,to fit with the theme as you see him sitting on the juniper tree(whose berries are used to make the gin)
3D Renders - Cali Gin
Initial Storyboard Exploration
Website Design and Development
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