BMW Shorties 2015 Web Design
Concept:Our Design concept starts with the understanding of the primary element of a “point/dot”. A “point/dot” conceptually has no length, width, or depth and is therefore static and directionless. However the makeup of numerous points arranged together brings about the idea of movement and change. The concept resorts to simplistic transitional approaches that relate to the simplicity that starts off with a dot, which in motion varries into different particles and Shapes; from simple to complex.
Execution of Change :We descided to use the free flow of ink particles when dropped in water to represent the concept of change. We see how the particles move from one medium to another, and how the change that happens is quite dramatic and clearly portrays the idea of change in a molecular level. We also apply the concept in the variation of colour to further compliment the concept and further enhance the astheticof the the web interface.
Website :The BMWshorties website has been designed and programmed to be fully responsive across all devices and browsers, we made it our main focus to design the website with the BMW brand colors intact so that the brand identity is immediately protrayed to the user as soon as he/she enters. The navigation is defined through the use of the scroll function and also the use of various navigational toggles. We also designed and Developed a Voting mechanism to be embeded within the website where users can come and vote on their favourite short film.
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