About Us Heavily caffeinated to crush deadlines

Quirky, focused, artistic, loud and heavily caffeinated. These are some of the words that would best describe the collective team of Yellow Rhino Studio. We are a one-stop solution for your multimedia needs. Our team is made up of creative junkies that get the jitters if no design problem is presented to them. Together, we create and deliver unique and innovative design solutions and you’ll want to come back for more!

01 Not a Bot

We are professionals while being 100% our authentic self. We surround ourselves with a positive team that support and respect each other. We may work hard but we are not robots, we are empathetic we get hurt, we feel pain. We believe in having that same support and respect with our clients. We will be there helping propel your business forward with the right designs for you, to being there if your favourite character dies from your favourite series (those moments are hard on all of us) you are not alone! Work hard, play-hard that’s how we roll.

02 Embrace drive and a little weirdness

Our team have a reason for coming into work every morning; some people do it for the money, others out of routine and security. We however, go into work because we truly have a deep love and respect for Design and it is our life’s mission to make a difference and inspire creativity through our work. We are driven by passion; we understand that everyone is uniquely wired. We’d love to venture into the weird with you because we believe that stepping out of the comfort zone may be the best way to stand out in a crowd.

03 Create fun and unique designs

We create visual language with innovative designs that would provide effective strategies, powerful identities and seamless interactions to achieve memorable communication goals in connecting people to brands and organizations. It is always a fun (and sometimes gruelling) process to brainstorm with our clients and incorporate their unique identity with innovative design solutions. We love shaking things up with something fresh.

04 Be open minded and Curious

We are all about the process. We work through exploration. When handed a project we explore and take it apart to see how our services can best help our clients and their consumers. We work through stylescapes and find a solution that best fit our clients design problems if there is any. (Yes we sometimes, tell our clients that our services are not needed if we think their company is awesome as it is!).

05 Build open and honest relationships

We are honest and upfront with our clients; we strive to work with like-minded people. We love frank conversations; we might not always agree but we are open to ideas. Here at Yellow Rhino Studio, it’s about building relationships and we understand if we are not the team for you, our feelings won’t get hurt (maybe just a little). We live to create an engaging environment where people can connect and trust us and our designs.