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Quirky, focused, artistic, loud and heavily caffeinated. These are some of the words that would best describe the collective make up of team Yellow Rhino. What we are is a one stop solution for all things Multimedia related. Our awesome team is a makeup of creative junkies that get the jitters if no design problem is handed to them, and together we create and deliver unique and innovative design solutions that will surely make you come back for more.
THREES & TEES Trees and tees promotional campaign animation. LED billboard layout. WATCH
BMW SHORTIES 2015 Developing a Platform for BMW Shorties to host their annual competition. ABOUT
SHEARWATER Design and development of the brand identity for Shearwater. ABOUT
VITAMIN FACTORY Brand identity design and strategy development for Vitamin Juice Factory. ABOUT
CISCORP ASIA Website design and development for CISCORP ASIA. ABOUT
DIGITAL ARTS Digital arts collection. VIEW
FOLDSKOOL Concept furniture design illustrations ABOUT
BMW SHORTIES 2016 Website design and development for the 2016 BMW Shorties annual competition. ABOUT
MURALS These are a series of Murals that Yellow Rhino has done for private clients who wanted a more visually stimulating space. VIEW